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Vehicle Window Cleaner


If you are already familiar with our cloths or mops, you know how great this material is on glass and other surfaces. If not, you are truly in for a treat! We designed our string mops and flat pads to clean those hard-to-reach window areas in your car, truck, RV and even at home. The string mop is great for scrubbing, removing bugs, or other areas where extra cleaning power is needed. On ribbed or uneven surfaces where a flat pad will not work, this small mop is great! The pads can be used one at a time or used booth at the same time to wrap the front and back of the mophead to protect your leather or paint from getting scratched when working in tight areas as you clean. Our pads are created from several layers of our material, sewn together to provide the proper thickness to keep the pads flat even on curved glass surface. We also make a large flat pad that is all one piece. We use Real Velcro Band® looped material for our backing. This backing provides the best attachment to the Velcro Brand® adhesive strips on the cleaner head. The string mops and pads are hand made one at a time by our family and will provide you with streak free glass and squeaky-clean surfaces for quite some time. The pads and mops are also great for cleaning your shower, or bathtub. Clean windows, dust furniture, or painted surfaces. Our material will not scratch or create swirl marks like microfiber. Lint-free, Streak-free.

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