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Detailing The Whatacloth™ Way

Whether you enjoy an all day detailing experience, or your in a hurry and just need a quick clean-up, Whatacloth is simply amazing when used to clean & detail your vehicles! Wash, dry and detail, all with the same incredible cloth! Great to apply your favorite polish, wax, or detailing spray and hands down the leader to remove wax & polish residue. Gently buff your paint & chrome to a spectacular shine you've just got to see to believe! Once you've tried these cloths on your vehicle's windows, mirrors, paint, leather, chrome, vinyl, and plastics you'll never go back to whatever cloth you're use now. It really polishes as it cleans. You just can't buy a better multi-surface cloth at any price! You'll actually catch yourself smiling and thinking " I can't believe how great this looks ". If you love your vehicle, then you'll love this cloth! 

We're often asked "what makes your cloth different from others and why does it clean so well? ". "Is this a shammy or microfiber cloth? ".

The difference between our cloth and other cleaning cloths is like night & day! Let's explore the differences between them.

Microfiber was introduced in 1986 and has been an extremely popular fabric ever since. Microfiber certainly cleans more easily than traditional fabrics, and when it was introduced was indeed the best technology in a cleaning cloth at that time! Today, microfiber is no match for the cleaning power of the fabric used to make the Whatacloth! 

The Whatacloth™ fabric is made of ultra fine microfilament fibers. These fibers are 200 times finer than a human hair and 20 times finer than the diameter of a strand of silk, which is approximately 8-10 times finer than ordinary microfiber. The fabric is a blend of Polyamide and Polyster and has high multi-directional strength. The fabric is highly tear resistant, and is just as strong wet as it is dry. The fabric in the Whatacloth™ is produced with split fibers which are combined together using a hydro-entangling process, the fibers are endless which make the fabric extremely strong and absolutely lint free. Microfiber may be woven, spun or even sewn as a way of bonding it's short fibers and so is usually considered low linting. Whatacloth™ can also be bleached for disinfecting purposes, or to remove stains. Bleaching most microfiber doesn't work out so well. The Whatacloth fabric is also great for natural chemical free cleaning because it doesn't require chemicals to work. Its ultra fine microfilament fibers will even pick up bacteria and other microorganisms. Microfiber cloths have sewn edges that can scratch surfaces. The Whatacloth™ fabric uses endless microfilament fibers, and it is not woven but hydro-entangled, so it doesn't have to be bound or sewn to hold it together. You don't have to worry about the edges of the Whatacloth™ ever scratching anything it touches. Whatacloth™ is one step cleaning. Wipe the surface you want to clean & walk away. With Microfiber, most of the time you need to dry the surface with a second dry cloth.

Bottom Line

Microfiber was highly advanced in it's day but this is a new day and Whatacloth is a new advancement in all-purpose cleaning cloths. Whatacloth will out perform & outlast trditional microfiber and other cloths Hands Down!

Whatacloth ™ MINI's

Whatacloth™ MINI's are pre softened cloths that were created to pamper your electronics, DVDs, CDs, computers, smart phone's, sunglasses, eyeglasses, camera lens etc. They work wet or dry and you won't find a softer, lint free cloth anywhere!

How To Use And Care For Your Cloths

The cloth (white) will be a little stiff when you remove it from the package. Rinse & wring the cloth tight several times. This will immediately soften it and it will remain soft even after drying. The more you use the cloth the softer it becomes. Our New Grey cloths are pre-washed an pre-softened and do not require washing before first use. Prior to first use, hand wash cloth in warm soapy water, rinse well and wring out thoroughly. Washing before your first use is necessary to remove any loose fibers, or other debris that the cloth might have picked up during the manufacturing, or packaging process. Take your time and experiment with the cloth. We recommend using the cloth damp. Wet the cloth under warm water and wring out thoroughly (the cloth should feel almost dry). Fold cloth in half, then in half again (8 surfaces) to maximize the cleaning surfaces. Wiping in an up & down, or side to side motion usually works best. The slight moisture residue that appears on the surface will evaporate quickly and you'll be left with a streak free shine. For surfaces with a heavy buildup of dirt, more water in the cloth may be required for proper cleaning. Experiment on different surfaces and adjust the amount of water you use. Although you'll achieve fantastic results using just plain tap water, chemical cleaners will not harm this cloth and may be used. If you decide to use chemical cleaners use them sparingly, as the cloth will enhance the cleaner's effectiveness. You will always achieve superior results on glass, chrome and other shiny surfaces using just water!

Note: Whatacloth™ has two distinct sides. Cleaning one side will not automatically clean the other. Each side should be cleaned seperately. You might notice how dirty your cloth (white) might look after a few uses. This will not affect its performance as long as you wash or rinse the cloth as detailed above. Our new grey cloths do not show dirt and do not bleed the grey color.

Most of the time a thorough rinsing will be all that is needed to remove dust and grime from the cloth. If the cloth has been used removing grease or oil, or let's say for example you have used the cloth to clean the inside of your printer, (which is a wonderful use by the way) and the cloth is stained with ink, we prefer to use our New Purple Mountain Oxi cleaner and a soft bristled brush (such as a nail brush) to remove these stains. For almost all other situations, we use the same soft bristle brush, liquid soap or our New Purple Mountain Oxi cleaner to clean the cloth. From our own experience we have found these methods of cleaning to be the most effective way to completely clean the cloth. It is very important when you wash the cloth to completely remove the soap you've washed it with. If you use bleach to disinfect the cloth (and you can, just don't soak the cloth in it for long periods of time as it will break down the fibers) make sure to completely rinse out all traces of bleach. While bleach is a great disinfectant, it will leave a film on the cloth and must be rinsed out or it will leave a film on surfaces you clean with it. Our New Purple Mountain Oxi was designed by us to handled the cleaning of our mops and cleaning cloths. It's disinfecting and stain removing power is much greater than bleach. Please read the Whatamop/Purple Mountain Oxi page for more information. Machine wash if desired, but not with towels or other lint producing items. The cloth can be dried in the clothes dryer but, we do not recommend it because it can easily pick up lint or loose fibers from previous loads. The cloths dry very quickly so we recommend that you hang them to dry, especially if you're only cleaning a couple of cloths at a time. Never use fabric softeners, or dryer sheets. Fabric softeners are an enemy of this cloth. They leave a film on the cloth that is difficult at best to remove and will smear and blur everything cleaned with it. The key to a sparkling streak free, spot free surface, is to start with a clean, damp cloth.

Helpful Hints

The key to a sparkling streak free, spot free, surface is to start with a clean, damp cloth. That's not just a slogan, it's a fact. The only time customers might have a challenge with their cloth is when it is either too dirty, or too wet. The dirt in a dirty cloth will streak & smear surfaces. If the cloth is too wet, the excess water in the cloth will spot glass, mirrors and other hard surfaces. It is very important and a necessary step to ensure the cloth is washed or rinsed out throughly each time you use the cloth. If you use the cloth to pick up dirt, or clean a gritty surface, throughly wash or rinse before cleaning a delicate surface. A clean cloth will never scratch any surface, but grit, or dirt picked up by the cloth will! We recommend that you keep several cloths just for use on delicate surfaces such as TV screens, auto paint, or leather etc.

What Will The Cloth Clean?

Well thats easy..... EVERYTHING! We really don't know of a hard surface that it can't clean. Our customers tell us that it excels on dirt, grease, grime, fingerprints, bugs, nicotine, smoke, soap scum, and of course bacteria, and germs. You could write a book on what this cloth will clean but here are a few of highlights: Glass, Mirrors, Chrome, Stainless Steel, Marble Granite, Hardwood, Vinyl, Laminate, Bathroom surfaces, Ceramic Tile, Upholstery, Leather, Fiberglass, Aluminum, Stone, Acrylic, Rubber and so much more!